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Air Fryer Parchment Paper Liners 100 Per Pack

Our Rating: (5 out of 5 stars)

Air fryer Perforated Parchment Paper Liners, Best for Air Fryers, Bamboo Baskets, 100 Per pack, Non Stick, 9 inches, Baking,  Steaming all Foods, Eco Friendly, Bonus Recipe E Book

In following air frying recipes, sometimes it doesn’t only need an air fryer. It may also need other tools, for example, a parchment paper liner that is used for air fryers, like the Parchment Paper Liners 100 Per Pack.

When you buy this item, a Chinese recipe e-book is already included. This paper liner has a size of nine inches in diameter. It’s round and perfect for 10-inch bamboo or metal steamers and air fryers.

With Parchment Paper Liners 100 Per Pack, you can save time and reduce waste. It also allows the speedy steaming process and prevents sticking of the food that you prepare from your steamer. This way, cleaning your steamer or air fryer won’t be a hassle anymore.

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