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Nuwave Oven Carrying Case

Our Rating: (5 out of 5 stars)

Nuwave Oven Carrying Case Customized Storage Bag Double Canvas & Padded With 2 Fitted Straps: A Hand Strap and Removable Shoulder Strap

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It happens that we want to bring our kitchen appliance sometimes, especially when we think it’s not too big and too heavy. Nuwave Oven Carrying Case Customized Storage Bag is helpful in this situation.

This bag is lightweight and water-resistant. It is ideal in storing your NuWave Oven in hotels, dorm rooms, your boat and many more places where you travel. This carrying case also has room for accessories.

A hand strap and removable shoulder strap is included when you purchase this item. At a very reasonable price, you get a product that you will surely find useful.

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