Universal Air Fryer Accessory Non-stick Dish

Air Fryer Baking Pan - Also fits the instant pot (6.1 inches) - for Gowise Philips NuWave Cozyna Power Farberware Secura and more brands - Fit all 2.75QT 3.7QT 5.3QT and For 3 QT to 5QT instant pots

Universal Air Fryer Accessory Non-stick Dish: For someone who loves cooking using an air fryer with the help of air frying recipes, choosing the perfect air fryer accessories is also important because they make your preparation even more convenient.

The Air Fryer Accessories Non-stick Dish is one of the great air fryer accessories you will see in the market. It is 100% compatible with many air fryer models such as Cooks Essentials, Phillips, Black and Decker, NuWave, Farberware, Avalon Bay, Power, Gowise and many more brands.

These accessories are stylish and practical. The package is also inclusive of free recipes. It is convenient to use because of its non-stick coating. When you get this item, you also get 100% 60 days money-back guarantee.

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