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Homemade Air Fried Donuts Recipe

Finally, for all the donut fans who've been asking for this. Try our easy-to-cook homemade air fried donut recipe. Ingredients: 1 can of Pillsbury Grands Flakey Layered Biscuits 2-3 tablespoons of Melted Butter 1 teaspoon...
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Air Fried Pork Loin Recipe (Boneless)

Try this boneless air-fried pork loin recipe. It turned out delicious! Ingredients: Lightly Floured Boneless Pork Loin Salt Pepper Garlic Paprika Olive Oil Spray Directions Air fry at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, then air...
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Easy Air Fried Chicken Parmesan

Are you ready to try air frying some chicken parmesan? It doesn't get any easier than this recipe. Ingredients: Frozen Breaded Chicken Tomato Sauce Grated Mozzarella Directions Air fry at 380 degrees for 18 minutes....
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Air Fried Cauliflower & Cheese Grand Biscuits

Who doesn't love some Grand biscuits? If you do, you should try them air fried with cauliflower and cheese! Ingredients: Cauliflower Mozzarella Sharp Cheddar Cheese Grands Biscuits Directions Air fry at 365 degrees for 12...
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How to Air Fry Bacon to Perfection

Bacon is wonderful! A nice crispy piece of bacon makes a breakfast or takes a simple baked potato to new levels. Cooking it in a pan soaked the bacon in unhealthy grease and splatters all...
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Air Frying Common Cuts of Pork

Nowadays, it’s not only housewives who are interested to know how to cook, but also the working moms who want to still be able to take care of their families after a long day. Now...
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