An Inside Look at Hot Air Fryers and Air Frying Recipes

People love the tastiness of deep fried food. However, its unhealthy fat content makes it unhealthy, especially for conscious eaters. But, not anymore! Thanks to the recent innovation of hot air fryers, it now possible to fry without oil. Cook low-fat and oil-free fried food without compromising its delicate taste!

Air frying, commonly known as hot air frying, is an advanced cooking technique which has been dramatically designed to allow for the grilling, roasting, and frying of foods with no fat amounts or copious oil. Now, you can enjoy eating your favorite fried foods such as French fries and fried chicken. The food you make in the air fryer will get the taste and texture of deep fried food.

The hot air fryer can be compared to your everyday kitchen appliance. The only difference is that hot air is being used to cook the food. Rather than traditional cooking food with oil, the air fryer makes use of hot air – up to 200 Celsius. The temperature can be adjusted to ensure it’s nice and crispy. There are different types of air frying machines on the market, one type uses a paddle and non-stick bowl and the other uses a cooking basket.

Benefits of Owning a Hot Air Fryer

One of the biggest advantages is that you can cook healthier foods, unlike before. You don’t need to stop yourself from eating deep-fried foods as soon as you have an air fryer, as it reduces the fat amount. Whether you have a picnic or small family gathering, you can make use of your air fryer for a delicious, healthy meal.

The air fryer is very versatile too! You can use it for roasting, grilling, frying and even baking! One machine for almost all your cooking needs. It is also filtered, which means friendly to the environment. You can practically cook any type of food in an air fryer, raw or frozen.

Hot Air Fryer Recipes

Buying a hot air fryer means discovering the sizzling world of healthy fried recipes. Want sweet potato fries, air fried poppers, air fried toasted pumpkin seeds, or a sweet and salty snack appetizer? How about air grilled tomatoes, air fried potato hash, or a fried breakfast?

You can have turkey and mushroom patties, air fried meatloaf slices, or roasted potatoes in a basket type air fryer. If you are a vegetarian, you should try air roasted peppers, roasted carrots or air fried mushrooms.

With an air fryer, you’ll enjoy eating healthy food that tastes great!

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