The Perfect Airfryer for a Family of 4

An Airfryer comes in roughly three sizes. The smallest is about 2 quarts. The largest is a bit over 5 quarts. Since an air fryer is very versatile, you may want to go with the larger sizes so you can cook several items at once. If you are feeding active teenagers, you will definitely want the larger size!

Here is a list of the six top-rated large fryers on Amazon.

  1. OMORC Air Fryer XL


    7 Cooking Presets

    Recipe Book


    159 reviews

    92% 5 stars

    98% 4+ stars

    While this air fryer had a relatively small number of reviews, they were all stunning.  Reviewers commented that this air fryer doesn’t heat up the house like the oven does. Another easily cooked a 5.5 lb chicken. Another praised the ease of clean up and that there was no oil smell in the house afterwards.

    Negative reviews commented on the amount of space this unit takes up. This one doesn’t have a timer and some users complain about the basket latch.

  2. Yedi Houseware Total Package Air Fryer

    5.8 qt

    8-in-1 Digital Screen

    Endless Recipes

    Deluxe Accessory Kit


    237 reviews

    85% 5 stars

    94% 4+ stars

    This air fryer comes with everything from a cooking basket to kabob accessories to a rubber mat designed to protect your countertop. Reviewers commented that it was idiot proof. Many people praised the Yedi’s customer service. They had an issue with their unit. The company answered their email afterhours and immediately shipped the missing part.

    Negative reviews include units arriving damaged. Others mentioned odd odors on use.

  3. Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer

    5.3 qt


    grilling rack

    skewers accessory set


    1,364 reviews

    77% 5 stars

    90% 4+ stars

    Many reviewers commented on the ease of use and that their teens used it regularly.  Other reviewers liked the compact size, They also mentioned the attractive design.

    Negative reviews included a strong smell and that the basket was very difficult to use.

  4. Cozyna Air Fryer


    8 Cooking Preset



    234 reviews

    71% 5-stars

    82% 4+ stars

    Reviewers praised the ease of cleanup. Other mentioned customer service with both a thank you email and follow up email a few weeks later. Commenters were also pleased with the versatility, preparing everything from a grilled cheese sandwich to vegetables to cookies.

    Negative reviews  include issues with the basket being difficult to shake. There were also complaints about customer service and lights ceasing function after a few uses.


    5.8 qt

    50 Recipes


    1729 reviews

    62% 5 stars

    73% 4+ stars

    Reviewers were generally pleased with their purchase. One said that they had bought it just to make fries and was not disappointed. Others LOVED the machine and used it almost daily.

    Negative reviews included a faulty basket design that doesn’t stay in place in the unit. Others complained that the machines was unreliable.

  6. Power Air Fryer XL

    5.3 qt


    695 reviews

    55% 5 stars

    66% 4+ stars

    One reviewer commented that it was worth getting the largest size you can afford, and this is the least expensive of the larger sizes. They commented that fries were crisp and delicious but not greasy feeling. One person cooked a pork tenderloin in 25 minutes. They commented it was crispy on the outside and pink and juicy on the inside.

    Negative reviewers mention the huge size. Others have had issues with the basket and reliability.

Let us know about your experiences!

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