Veggie Dishes Your Kids Will Enjoy

One of the greatest challenges a mother will have to face is feeding her children vegetables. That’s right. Parents cook veggies and serve it to their kids hoping that they would at least taste it. You see your hard-earned veggie budget go down the trash bin at the end of each meal as you clean up your children’s plates filled with mashed sweet potatoes or steamed carrot sticks.

But parents don’t easily give up. They hang on to this pain-staking endeavor of feeding their kid’s as much vegetables as they can eat despite their well-justified frustration because they know what their child eats now will make a stark difference in his adult health.

Now, if there’s one thing that children know for sure, it’s the fact that anything fried tastes better. So, here are some dishes to cook vegetables for your kids using an air fryer.

Vegetable Fries – if potatoes can be fried, so do other veggies. Chop up veggies that are ideal for frying like sweet potatoes, carrots, string beans, courgette. Serve these as snacks after school or as an appetizer for dinner. Make sure to season it according to how your kids will like it, and if you still have time, you can whip up a nice-tasting dip to go with the fries.

Parmesan Cauliflower Bites – toss those florets in a light Parmesan coating; coat your air fryer’s cooking basket with a bit of oil to avoid sticking. They cook up in 8 to 10 minutes with a crunch. This is an adaptation of a dish that is originally deep-fried but with the air fryer, you can skip the greasy part and enjoy a healthier version of this well-loved dish.

Fried Veggie Spring Rolls – this recipe has mushrooms, carrots, celery stalks and ginger in it but you can actually add or replace ingredients you think your kids will like. Some versions of this dish are all-veggies but you can also put in chicken strips to make it tastier and more appealing to your meat-loving kids.

Veggie Burgers – this is one of the best veggie disguises that worked for a lot of picky eaters. You can use a variety of vegetables for this dish but it works a lot better using mushrooms, lentils, cauliflower, and mixed veggie slaws. Don’t forget to match these burgers with your kids’ favorite dip. Just substitute or add more vegetables that you want for your children.

Air-fried Vegetable Chips – served as snacks, this dish will surely tickle your child’s fancy. There’s not a lot of disguise in this dish so you better make sure your chips will end up crunchy and tasty. Again, you can replace the vegetable to your own liking– something that’s more appealing to your kids.

We hope this has given you some ideas on what to serve your picky eaters. For more air frying recipes, check out our recipe books here.

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