Ivation Air Fryer with Digital LED Touch Display 7 Cooking Presets

Ivation 1800W 5.5QT Electric Air Fryer with Digital LED Touch Display Featuring 7 Cooking Presets Menu, Timer and Temperature Control - for Healthy Low-Fat Air Fryer with Little to No Oil – Black

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  • Revolutionary Air Technology Offers Healthier Frying with Tablespoon of Oil or Less
  • Intuitive Controls Make it Easy to Set Temperatures up to 392° for Variety of Foods
  • Innovative Air Circulation System Evenly Distributes Heat; Auto-Shuts When Ready
  • Features Convenient Presets: Warm-Up, Chips, Chicken, Steak, Meat, Cake, Fish
  • Includes Removable Pan & Detachable Basket; Both Clean Quickly in Dishwasher

Following air frying recipes is fun, especially if you have a quality air fryer like Ivation Air Fryer with Digital LED Touch Display 7 Cooking Presets. This kitchen device has different uses and features.

It has a revolutionary air technology, user-friendly controls, innovative air circulation system, removable pan and convenient presets for different types of food such as chips, steak, chicken, cake, fish and meat.

Ivation Air Fryer comes in color black. The temperature can be set up to 392° and it can be used for a variety of foods. Anyone can use it easily without having to read the user’s manual because it is designed for easy use.

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