Power Air Fryer Deluxe Power Air Frying Hardcover Cookbook

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  • 6-in-1 Cooking Features-ACCESSORY KIT INCLUDED ON DELUXE MODELS: 3 Piece kit includes a Baking insert, Pizza Pan and Cooking Tongs.
  • Power Air Frying By Eric Theiss- Hardcover book includes 119 delicious recipes
  • Rapid Air Technology- Roast, Air Fry, Bake, Steam, Sauté, and Grill
  • Digital easy one touch panel- one touch settings make cooking a breeze
  • Uses no or less oil- Cook healthy without butters or oils-Cooks up to 400 degrees- fry and cook almost anything/ 1700 Watts
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Having an air fryer alone is already great. What more if it also comes with air frying recipes book? That is what you’ll get with Power Air Fryer Deluxe Power Air Frying Hardcover Cookbook


Power Air Fryer Deluxe Power Air Frying Hardcover Cookbook uses power air frying technology that can grill, saute, air fry, roast, steam, and bake. It also comes with a digital easy one touch panel. The best thing is when cooking, it requires only little to no oil.


It is inclusive of a hardcover book titled Power Air Frying By Eric Theiss that includes 119 recipes. This item is just ideal for someone who loves cooking using an air fryer and love to explore the kitchen appliance even more.


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