Simply Ming Blue Healthy Fry Ceramic Air Fryer

Simply Ming 5qt Jumbo Air Fryer w/Touchscreen and 1750 Watts of Power - Black

  • Not like a traditional deep fryer – Prepare tasty French fries with only half a tablespoon of oil Lightly brush or spray oil onto foods before air frying for a crispier result
  • Circular Heat Technology – Uses hot air in combination with high-speed air circulation Allows for quick and even cooking every time
  • Easy Check Function – Lets you look in on your food without disrupting the cooking process Takes the guesswork out of cooking time
  • Multi-function – Air fry french fries, onion rings and chicken nuggets Cook a bag of frozen french fries in 15 minutes using NO oil at all
  • Pull-out frying basket – Easy loading and unloading of foods Cool-touch handle
  • Simply Ming Blue Healthy Fry Ceramic Air Fryer has a lot of amazing features that are helpful in preparing foods from your favorite air frying recipes.


    This blue air fryer uses a circular heat technology that allows you to evenly cook your foods fast. It has an easy check function. You can fry with this air fryer by just lightly brushing or spraying half a tablespoon of oil onto the food.


    The foods prepared with this air fryer surely come out crispy. It has multiple functions. It’s also inclusive of a pull-out frying basket designed to easy load and unload your foods. The cool-touch handle is also convenient.

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