Zelancio Titan X-1 Air Fryer – Ultimate Healthy Multifunctional Cooker

Zelancio Titan X-1 Digital LCD Display Air Fryer with Rapid Air Fry Technology. Ultimate Healthy Multifunctional Cooker - Fry/Bake/Grill/Roast

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  • FAST: Using Rapid Air Technology, the Zelancio LCD Display Air Fryer circulates hot air with speed and precision leaving your food with that great fried taste you love, without the use of oil.
  • SIMPLE: Our LCD display oil less air fryer has adjustable temperature control from 175°F – 400°F allowing you to cook , bake, and fry your food in 30 minutes or less. Timer and automatic shut off signal when cooking is done.
  • CONVENIENT: Cook meals for the whole family with 2.5L cooking capacity. All parts and accessories are dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up.
  • VERSATILE: You can cook it all! Impress your family and serve them whatever they are in the mood for. Chicken, vegetables, fish, fries, and more; this air fryer cooks it all!
  • HEALTHY: Air frying is a healthy alternative to traditional methods that uses no oil, leaving your food healthy and just as delicious.

Zelancio Titan X-1 Air Fryer – Ultimate Healthy Multifunctional Cooker is the perfect air fryer for you if you are someone who loves to make use of air frying recipes in preparing healthy and delicious meals.

There are five reasons why it is the ideal air fryer. It is fast because of its rapid air technology, it is simple to use, it is convenient for cooking, versatile, and healthy to use.

The food cooked in this kitchen appliance will come out healthy because it makes use of an alternative to traditional method of cooking that uses no oil, which is mainly the source of unhealthy contents in our food.

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