Air Frying Common Cuts of Pork

Nowadays, it’s not only housewives who are interested to know how to cook, but also the working moms who want to still be able to take care of their families after a long day. Now they’re actually able to, with the help of modern technology. When you get to visit your working mom friends, you’ll notice their new best friend in the kitchen – the air fryer!

Yes, that’s the secret. They get to cook their kids favorite by checking out some really great air frying pork recipes that are delicious yet quick to prepare. You’d certainly see the latest air frying cookbooks just nestled on the kitchen counter.

However, some moms and wives have lately been trying to learn about the different cuts of pork and ribs, just because some cuts cook more quickly and some taste better than the other cuts. So we’ve gathered some great information about some of the most common pork cuts that you can easily use to cook awesome and delicious recipes for the whole family.

Common Cuts of Pork for Air Frying

Before anything, just a reminder to always choose to purchase meat that is organic or free-range, if possible. By free range we mean that the pigs eat healthy and allowed to roam freely rather than being locked up in their cells. Animals raised this way are definitely superior in taste and nutritional content.

This part of the pig can be cooked as a whole piece with the bone intact, without the bone, or it can be stuffed with herbs, vegetables and other ingredients such as cheese. Either way, pork loin is tasty, juicy and actually can be made healthy if it’s roasted in the air fryer – less oil, less fat. Roasted pork loin is one of the most popular air frying recipes prepared by housewives and busy moms. Pork chops from the loin are also best grilled.

If you want to impress your guests with an awesome stew with fork-tender pork, then go for the shoulder cut. It’s the ultimate winner for big parties and get-togethers. You can spare some upper shoulder parts for steaks and some barbeque. Or you can pop it in the air fryer, set it for a few hours, and after a great time chatting with friends and family, you get a delectably soft and mouth-watering roasted pork shoulder.

If you don’t mind eating yummy and fatty, you’d certainly go for the pork belly cut. You can cook it slow so you’ll get some melt-in-the-mouth belly buns, or go for the crispy pork belly cutlets that are often enjoyed by the younger generation but sometimes can’t be resisted by the older ones.

Found lining the inside portion of the ribcage, the pork fillet is a long and thin meat that’s part of the loin cut. It’s the leanest portion, so it’s the best choice for those who want to lose weight while still enjoying some pork meat, or those who just want to be healthy.

The pork leg often sells like pancakes especially when the Holiday Season is fast approaching. It’s popular among those who love to make their own Christmas hams. It’s low in fat so it can be cured and boiled, stewed or slow roasted using your new best friend the air fryer.

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