How Does An Air Fryer Work?

How Does An Air Fryer Work?

Still wondering how an air fryer really works? Or wondering if your chicken fingers will actually be crispy? By learning how to use an air fryer, you’ll be setting yourself up for great dinner ideas!

When news first hit of air fryers it created a big buzz both online, especially to those who love fried foods. Using this creative air frying cooker, people can enjoy deep fried foods like fried chicken and much more. You’ll also be free from using large amounts of oil.

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How they work

The hot air plays an essential part in the process. It basically uses super-hot air to fry food. It makes use of “Rapid Air Technology”. This means, the hot air gets spread evenly throughout, and the temperatures can go as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The beneficial role of Rapid Air Technology

The air fryer works similar to a rice cooker, and has a varied removable tray. It cooks and serves up a hot, delicious crisp snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner in 10-30 minutes, depending on what you’re cooking. The best thing about cooking with a air cooker is that, the amount of fat and calories are reduced.

In around twenty to twenty-five minutes, you can serve anything from steak to French fries, hamburgers and salmon, you name it. If you are fond of baking, this appliance will surely fit in the bill! It can even be used to bake cakes! Cool, huh?

Cooling system

There is a fan that maintains and controls the internal temperature. The fan makes sure everything stays healthy and clean. The fresh air moves across the filters and continues to the fryer’s bottom.

Thats really all there is to an air fryer! We hope you find the right one for you.

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