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Copper Chef Cookbook

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Chef Eric Theiss has built his reputation around using copper pans to cook in and the Copper Chef Cookbook is the perfect accompaniment to any Copper Chef cookware. There are many excellent reasons to return to the ancient technology of copper pots from better tasting food to better heat conduction to sheer beauty. This copper chef cookbook makes the transition simple.


Copper is loved by professional cooks because it conducts heat evenly and minimizes scorching. Copper conducts heat five times better than iron and twenty times better than stainless steel so you can decrease your energy use by turning down the heat. Copper pans are durable, hygienic and resist corrosion. If you are worried about germs in your kitchen, copper is a known antibacterial! It’s also non-sick without the toxins from coatings that contain toxins like PTFE and PFOA commonly found in chemical based non-stick coating.

The square Copper Chef pan is a great addition to every kitchen. There is a small cookbook that comes with every pan, and the Copper Chef Cookbook adds 130 new recipes to your repertoire. These recipes allow you to sauté, braise, bake, roast, fry, steam, and broil chef-tested recipes and as you use the cookbook, you’ll learn how to easily adapt your recipes to the Copper Chef cookware.

You’ll learn how to make bread, stuffed burgers, onion rings, truffle fries, casseroles, meatloaf and many other recipes that you will be loving for years to come.


ISBN-10 0967968445

ISBN-13 978-0967968445

Product Dimensions 9.1 x 6.6 x 1.1 inches

Recipe Count 130

Our Review

The Eric Theiss Copper Chef cookbook is attractively laid out with easy to follow directions, ingredient lists, and beautifully photographed examples of what you are creating. Reviewers are very pleased with the results they have achieved from using the recipes. They have gotten many new ideas for frying and baking. Many found the recipes definitely worth preparing.

If you love copper cooking or want to try it, the Copper Chef cookbook is an essential part of your kitchen.

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