Elite EAF-1506D Platinum 3.5 Quart Electric Digital Air Fryer Cooker Review

Elite EAF-1506D Platinum 3.5 Quart Electric Digital Air Fryer Cooker, 1400-Watts with 26 Full Color Recipes (Black)

Elite Platinum 3.5 Quart Electric Digital Air Fryer by Maxi-Matic is a terrific addition to any kitchen. Large and sturdily constructed, the Elite Air Fryer can cook food quickly and without extra oil. Six menu function offer pinpoint control over cooking times and temperatures.

Like all air fryer, this one uses high speed heated air to cook food, much like a convection oven.


The Elite Digital Air Fryer has two options, a single layer basket or a dual layer basket. The dual layer basket allows you to cook two different foods at the same time. The frying basket can cook 2.5 pounds of French fries or you can remove the basket and cook an entire chicken in the base of the air fryer.

You can cook at lot of items in the Elite Air Fryer, including cinnamon rolls, 2 pounds of onion rings, two dozen chicken wings, three to four fish filets or chicken fried steaks, egg rolls, churros, fish, steaks and bacon. If you are out of ideas, check out the included recipe book.

Choose from the six Quick Menu functions: Bake, Meat, Fish, Cheese, Veggies, and Fries or set your own temperature and times.

Save time and energy cooking and then save time with the easy clean up with the dishwasher safe, non-stick inserts. The exterior is easily wiped off.

You’ll love enjoying your favorite foods cooked quickly and without all the added oil in the Elite Platinum 3.5 Quart Electric Digital Air Fryer by Maxi-Matic.


Model Number EAF-1506D

Item Weight 12.35 pounds

Product Dimensions 15.6 x 11.4 x 12.4 inches

Capacity 3.5 Quart, can hold up to 4.75 quarts when basket is removed

Watts 1400

Timer 60-minute with automatic shut-off

Temperature Range 149°F to 400°F

Color Black

Warranty 1-year Limited Warranty against manufacturer defects Included Components Removable basket and removable pot, recipe book

Our Review

Reviewers love Elite Platinum 3.5 Quart Electric Digital Air Fryer for a number of reasons. First, the fry basket or pan lifts out easily from the top of the air fryer. No pulling out a basket from the bottom of the fryer. This makes cleaning far easier.

Several people cooked a 5.5-pound chicken and describe it as rotisserie quality. One person cooked the chicken and then followed that up with 7 cups of roasted veggies. The entire meal took an hour and a half and dirtied one pan. There aren’t too many perfect meals that literally dirty one dish!

This Maxi-matic air fryer is larger than other makers but the quality and ease of use makes this a winner in our eyes.

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