imarku 2.6QT 1000 Watt Air Fryer Review

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Imarku Air Fryer Design Overview

If you aren’t familiar with imarku, get ready to discover a great company with some innovative products. Their offerings include an assortment of excellent kitchen knives, an air fryer, and some very nice decorative glassware. Imarku hasn’t been around long, but people adore them.

If you want an air fryer, but don’t like the pot look, check out the imarku 2.6QT 1000-Watt Air Fryer. It comes with the familiar non-stick fryer basket and removable bottom tray, but the top is gracefully ribbed and tapered inward. The timer/heat setting is combined into one easy operation. The manufacturer recommends a three- to five-minute preheating before use. Then simply set the time and the imarku air fryer sets the temperature for perfect outcomes, no matter if you are air frying, baking or grilling. The power cord is stored conveniently under the unit.

Like all air fryers, the imarku uses rapidly circulating, super-hot air to cook food much like a convection oven. The hot air creates a crisped surface with moist interior. Cook meats like steak, crisp bacon, sausage and seafood; frozen foods like French fries; vegetables; bake breads and desserts; crisp up leftovers; and make toast. It is so flexible that you may be able to get rid of toasters and toaster ovens. The imarku air fryer would be a perfect gift for a college student.

The imarku is the perfect size for one or two people and can hold up to a pound of French fries or a small chicken. Since it cooks with very little oil, you’ll save up to 80% of calories from oil. Plus there is no mess or smell and the unit cleans up easily. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe.



Style Number SYNCHKG100461

Item Weight 9.35 pounds

Product Dimensions 12 x 9.7 x 12.9 inches

Capacity 2.6 qt

Colors Available Black

Timer 0-30 minutes

Temperature 175° -390°F

Included Components User manual and air fryer cookbook

Wattage 1000

Warranty 12-month maintenance service and extra 6-month service

Our Review

Users really like the imarku air fryer. It is easy to set up and use. The machine will set the temperature automatically and makes cooking very simple. Since you are not cooking with oil, food doesn’t have an oily taste, so you get the full taste experience. One user offered a valuable tip – soak potatoes in water for half an hour before cooking them. You’ll get extra crispy fries! The physical appearance is another winner and it looks great on any kitchen counter. It is perfect for one or two people and cleanup is quick and easy. The recipe book offers some very tasty recipes and will help you expand how much you use your imarku air fryer.

We love this air fryer for the stylish look, the ease of use and amazing price.

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